Ericka & River: A Christmas Surprise

For years it was my sister Ericka's vision to be a mother and begin raising her family. After taking some big risks and changing her entire life to realize her dream she finally found herself right where she wanted to be and pregnant with her daughter: River Ruth. So, to celebrate this incredible life change and new experience I decided to surprise her for christmas. It was a wonderful surprise... something I LOVE to be a part of  :-) 

Click on the painting for a hi-res image. And make sure to watch the video I made that captured the whole process of creation and the unveiling!

Watch the making of: Ericka & River


Austin Awakening: A Patron's Heaven on Earth

For Mary McDonald, the blooming wildflowers of Texas Hill Country are a heaven on earth that happens once every spring. The lush arrangement of rich colors blooming all along the highways and byways of Austin are like a breath of fresh air and peacefulness that she looks forward to with anticipation during the cooler months of winter.

When she commissioned me to do this piece for her she wanted it done right... so she had me come to Texas to do it from life. It was an extraordinary pleasure for me to bring this painting to life for. Everything from traveling to Texas, to finding the location, to painting those bluebonnets, indian paint brushes, indian blankets, and evening primrose wildflowers with the backdrop of Austin's Hillside in the background was an absolutely AWESOME experience.

Watch the making of "Austin Awakening"