"Curious?... Well, yeah! It sounds crazy I know but it's pretty simple."


Here's the deal:

I have started a totally new program designed around what is representative of my highest joy and truest passion: making artwork that captures the lives of others.

It's all well and good making paintings of what I think is beautiful, important, and meaningful.

But what about you?

What do YOU think is beautiful? What is meaningful to YOU? What is important to YOU... where do YOU want to be... how do YOU want to feel.... What do YOU want to have in your home and celebrate and experience for the rest of your life?

I truly believe the most personal artwork is the most powerful,
...and the most meaningful.

I'm so convinced that this is the most important work that I may do with my talents that I want to offer you the opportunity to experience it for yourself for free.

If you are interested in finding out more and finding out WHY exactly I'm doing this then enter your name and email below so I can send you the full details.

P.S. - I only have time in my schedule to make a handful of these paintings every year. If this sounds intriguing to you let me know where to send the video I made explaining how it works. 

Talk to you soon :-)